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tv   [untitled]    March 4, 2011 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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>> translator: my name is maria and i am a health promoter. [speaking spanish] >> translator: based on their presentation, it seems like they are here to help the latino community. [speaking spanish] >> translator: but they have never had a community meeting
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and never informed us about the menu and the health impact consequences and that is why i am here to ask for that. [speaking spanish] >> translator: we also want to know what the products they're going to be selling and, you know, what are the price and many times our kids get attracted to these thing and ask us, oh, buy me this, buy me that and we want to know what is it exactly that they're going to be offering. [speaking spanish]
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that is why i am asking collaboration of the city and with the community members and health promoters and so we find out what are the products and the impacts that this project has. [speaking spanish] >> translator: i also want to know is around employment. are they employing local residents and i also want to know about the impact on the neighborhood, for instance. and the neighbors in the back part. that is what i want to know. [speaking spanish] >> translator: that is why i am asking you don't give the
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permit. president olague: [calling of names] >> president olague and members of the commission, good afternoon. i am with the mission district here today to convey our organization's support for poll, campero and i would like to direct your attention to the letter of support that was distributed to you earlier by mr. sanchez that was written by my colleague robert lopez who is a community relations developer. and in it it elaborates the reason for our support for this
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project which evolves around the prospect of increased employment and vocational training and opportunities for mission residents specifically hiring and training 30 to 40 local residents at least and outreach to at-risk youth and low v vocational training for hospitality students at the city college mission campus. and so i would like to reiterate our support and thank you very much. >> good afternoon. and from the mission language
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low voecational school. we have been advocating people for the past 40 years and graduated 2600 students in our school. mostly nonspeaking, lower income families. so we're here to support this enterprise. before we do anything, we did our job and did our homework and gather all kinds of information about many other information and before we meet with the marketing director and we did our job. so some of the questions there is what about the neighbors. what is going to happen to the neighbors backwards and they did and they don't have burritos on the menu. if you go in today, you can check their health and menus on the prices.
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they're out there. it is not a secret. you go in and you can navigate into the internet and see all the answers are there about the volume of health value and everything. we are talking about 60 to 70 jobs in the community. they came and they offer us jobs. they want to be part of the community. and they came and looked for us. and we have the hospitality program and they have met with us to take some of our students for the extra shifts on permanent jobs. we are talking about 60 to 70 jobs and it doesn't stop there. its me more than that. and poultry suppliers, grocery stores, and others will benefit. and during the construction also we're going to create jobs. and the mission district for every dollar that we collected -- [bell ringing] in retail is beneficial.
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president olague: thank you. [calling of next speakers] >> good afternoon. i receive d nine letters i received today and we will be talking with the major supervisor campos when we worked and mentioned the position and met three weeks ago and she was unhappy and business in the area. and about 75 members and every
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one is meeting with luis right here and we talking about prices and say we are going to serve the economy and a nice burrito for $3.25. and usually they are about a $6 sandwich. and we are so glad to meet also and with jorge from the city community college and the northern nonprofit and even my church where i minister and collect 400 signatures and everybody from central america and everybody was happy about that and we check the internet and saw the menu is a bit very nice and this is very good for me. i try to lose weight and my family, too.
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and it is very good. so last time they are so happy to support this company. and to promote the healthy food to the community. [bell ringing] president olague: thank you. >> hello, planning commission. i am theodore borden and i am a flood blogger and member of the the san francisco food elite and as a flood blogger i would like
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to see this restaurant open up and i know it is in los angeles and people in l.a. are laughing at us that we don't have it here. thank you. >> commissioners, staff, phil metzer. i can attest to the fact there utreach done on this in the mission.done on this in the campero approached me as vice president of government affairs for the mission merchants association and also the agent for the model improvement district and asked that i go and make them known to the entire community that i am involved and have done that. i had a personal interest when i heard what they are doing because i have properties half a block away in the 2800 block and one of the tenants i have had and the tacouira and i promised i would dwif give them a plug today and david extended his hand and they were welcoming them to the neighborhood and the award winning carne and we have a new customer. business begets business and
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when we have a vacancy, that doesn't help. especially that very tawdry block and we need to give it an injection. the patio issue is an interesting issue because you will see more and more of this and we will come next month with another patio project. you may recall me during the 10 years of the mission planning process and talked about the need for open space and have a dire yearning for open space. this is open space. we can define it however we want, but the family can sit out there and enjoy it on the nice days in the mission being able
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to eat outside as a family. we have nuisance codes and you will see they have taken great pains to meet and exceed all those nuisance codes and lastly on the formula of retail issue, this is not american apparel. and this is signature and people are desiring this. and thank you so much. president olague: thank you. >> i live at 239 bartlett street between mission and valencia street and this is bartlett street and this is the rear yard corridor that runs through our yard. as you are aware, the mission area plan prioritizes backyard corridors such as this. pollo campero's location is here and while it would occupy only one store front, the patio would occupy the width of two store fronts which would infringe on our green open space. my partner and i live right here and we encourage you and our neighbor will speak about the deficiencies in the report and
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finds a greater impact of the 40-person impact. and our other bartlett street neighbors will speak to the concerns of noise, odor, privacy, and security. and proponents of pollo campero claim over 1,000 signatures and these people are not shown the details of the pat year and don't live within 300 feet of the project and will not have to live with the patio. pollo campero is a billion dollar operation that can afford to be a good neighbor and can choose another location in the mission and extend out the building. they have chosen to disrupt our lives with a 40-person patio to impact all of our yards. we are not anti-business or anti-restaura anti-restaurant. we live in the city because we like to walk to neighborhood restaurants and mom and pop retail. realso live here, however, because we want to balance the accessibility with the peace, tranquilly, and quiet of our home and yards and this project disrupts the balance and sets a terrible precedent for all san
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francisco residential neighborhoods. i would like all people from bartlett street in opposition to this project to please stand now. thank you. president olague: craig towers. >> i live at 267 bartlett which is somewhere here. wait, right here. and just sort of on the edge of this green open space. and i actually have been working for the department of public health for over 10 years and work at san francisco general hospital taking care of a lot of sick people who have problems with obesity and the results of that. but that is neither here nor through because really it is not that i oppose the restaurant. i really oppose the patio and the affect it will have on our backyard. i recently bought the tic a life long dream of mine to buy
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place and part of the appeal was really the backyard. it is lovely, tranquil, space and i wanted to have a place to be with my child back there. and i really am really concerned that the patio would impact our lives in ways that i never anticipated when i bought the t.i.c. and concerns about the smells and the noise, the lights, and the activity back there. and i am also concerned about safety for me and my family and my cat. thank you. >> excuse me for a second, commissioners. i will have to ask the people along this wall over here move to the other side so we don't create a fire hazard. there is space for y strollers, etc., and you can stand on this side, but i can't have people standing in front of the door or in the alleyway even back where you are. you need -- sorry. if you can line up and stand over there. we can't have people line up there.
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>> if you are up for speaking, just please come up to the mike. i called it in the order. >> thank you. this is my wife megan and our daughters and our backyard is a very important factor in our decision to stay out our bartlett street address when we decided to start our family. megan and i considered it important to have a safe and quiet place for our children to play. and we have invested a lot of time, money, and heart into creating such an environment for our children. we love san francisco and we're very proud of the fact that we are two implanted san francisco natives and love the hustle and bustle of the neighborhood culture and the diversity and
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the opportunity that that affords is apparent. and we also had reasonable expectation when we created the environment that it would remain separate and apart from it and the public wouldn't be invited to dine within 15 feet of the space we created. the back corridor that runs along the 200 block of bartlett street is unique that it provides our family and our neighbors the opportunity to find separation and peace from ighborhood. and our backyard is an extension of our house. it is a very emotional extension to the pleasure we derive from our house and we request you don't take this away from us. president olague: thank you. >> hello, commissioners. i'm ben calderon and i live right behind the proposed patio. so this is our very big concern for us because of the noise that it projects and the restaurant will be in the patio which is in between 10:00 a.m. and 10:00
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p.m. and our homes and yards are the quiet refuge from the noise on bar let street. however, the patio operates and starts, the project indicates we will have restaurants in our homes and yards. and plans are changed but they have failed to adequately address the noise to be generated from the patio. franchiseee really cared about our opinion, they would not have installed a patio. we ask them to consider the situation if he were our neighbor and told me himself he wouldn't want this behind his car. the salter study bases the face to face conversation levels and this is a high turn restaurant and families with noisy children like mine and boisterous patients that have often visited local bars prior to getting fried chicken. and the san francisco chronicle guide made 32 restaurants in the mission district alone that had
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noise levels at 70 to 80 d. b. this is not face to face and the salter endorsement provides a false accepts of comfort regarding noise mitigation and there will be real noise problems and uses the police code to indicate a 90% increase in noise is acceptable. the department of public health says this is a misapplication of the noise ordinance that applies to mechanically generated noise only and should reference the noise analysis and there is a world health organization guideline for this on community noise. the wilson study shows that -- [bell ringing] >> thank you. president olague: thank you. >> gach, good afternoon, commissioners. i am an associate principle with wilson and associate who is has
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been in the consulting business since 1966 and for over 20 years. and you have had the opportunity to review our later dated 23 february which provides comments on the proposed project and i have about five additional comments. first, we want to reiterate that the noise ordinance and police code section 20 29 is not aolympic to believe the noise by the diners voice in the patio. as discussed in the letter, it is recommended the world health organization guidelines on noise and annoyance and potential project and we believe our calculations present a reasonable condition of the sound levels during peak dining hours withoups of diners celebrating a birthday, promotion, a soccer game, and some are letters of reports and i wanted to highlight according to the two guidelines the noise from the patrons in the backyard and would exceed the 50 d.b.
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criteria criterion and 47 to 49 exceeding the 45 disturbance criteria. and sleep doesn't only occur at 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. which is the nighttime distinction for the noise ordinance. and let me just jump to number eight. it might seem that the condition proms the project be satisfactory since it requires that iaudibility has not heretofore been expressed and this will require the ip dental noise be comparable or less than the am by yey am by yen and mus conviction and at levels 5er to 10 below. >> thank you. [calling of speakers]
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>> good afternoon, commissioners. i am nina holeman and i live at 245 bartlett behind the proposed patio. our home is a calm refuge from the mission neighborhood. for the past two weeks when i look in the yard i don't feel calm but stressed and sad thinking about the restaurant patio that will bring noise, odor, and the dining public within inches of our yard. i know how loud people can get
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when they are excited especially after drinking and i suspect many people will want to eat fried chicken after drink. i don't want our daughter to be exposed to the constant smell of fried chicken and the noise in our backyard. this is not an environment that is good for her or other children that play in the environment. i dread thinking of where i will find a quiet spot for our daughter to take naps during the day and when she goes to bed at 7:00 p.m. all during the time they plan to be open and we have school noise across from the house and traffic, children, and parking for a city college night classes, church on sunday. i understand this is noise of city life and that is why we make our daughter sleep in the room closest to the yard. a restaurant patio bordering onto our yard will make it impossible to find a quiet spot in the house where she can sleep. as a mother i have a hard enough time to get enough sleep and i think the noise from a patio will make it much harder for me to get the rest that i need to take care of my daughter. another concern of mine is
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security. last may during construction our house was burglarized after the burglar snuck by the workers. i think having the public much closer to the yard will make it closer to break in. nobody would like to live next to the patio that generates noise and smell to their child' life. the motion is home to many families. [bell ringing] >> thank you. >> commissioners, thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today. i am wendy white and i live at 251 bartlett behind the proposed patio. i have have lived in the missir 12 years in three different residences. when my husband and i began looking for a house to buy three years ago, i insisted that we stay in the neighborhood because i loved it so much. we knew as soon as we walked in the door that our search was over and the yard was a big
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reason why. our backyard is situated under a large living room. this is the view. when we saw this unit, we saw that the yard would become an important extension of our indoor living space. this photograph taken from our dining room table shows at this on to space. a bustling outdoor restaurant would give the noise and smell directly into our private lives. as soon as we could afford to, we began an extensive renovation of the yard from what you see here to what you see here. today, we use our outdoor room almost every day. we spent many afternoons starting to gather. i grow vegetables and herbs in
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that yard. we have direct access to each other's yard. none of this would be possible at if this patio goes in. we would not only lose financially, but physically and emotionally. we would not feel comfortable beginning our family in a space dominated by noise, smell, and other people. it is important to foster new businesses in the neighborhood. it should not be done at the expense of long time and committed residences. >> i live at 243 bartlett street directly behind the proposed rear patio. i wanted to spend a minute looking at this map so that you could fully understand this project. this green space is a very rare
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and special open space oasis in the middle of a very urban area. the people here today to complain about this are the residences of all of these residences that are directly affected that enjoy this as part of their lives. i enjoy this on weekends. the dining room overlooks this beautiful yard. one thing that has not been pointed out is that we have a school. the middle school is on the other side of our building. that creates a fair amount of noise during the day. that is fine. all that we do when we need quiet is retreat to the backs of our homes. that is no longer possible. the sound study showed that the sound levels generated by this project would exceed the world
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health organization guidelines for community noise for annoyance and speech interference at the adjacent properties. the sound levels generated would exceed the died lines of the world health organization for sleep disturbance. this is really not acceptable. i felt that i found a dream when i bought this apartment after 20 years of living in san francisco in this neighborhood. it was an oasis. it was a dream. the stream is about to be shattered. i do not understand why there are so many vacancies in the city that pollo chose this spot. >> my name is nancy. i am part of the san francisco buddhist center which is about a block and a half away from the
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project you are talking about. we are showing our support for our neighbors and a quest for a quiet place to sleep at night. we know about this issue firsthand. for years, we have had to deal with an illegal rooftop bar and restaurant behind us. i am also an architect. i feel that there is a pervasive problem. i am sure you have been hearing a lot about this. you have commercial mission street and then there are residential properties all around us. it does not make any sense to take the loudest part of a commercial property and have it outside and bump it up against the residential use. the farmers' market, which is partially sponsored by the planning department, is a farmer's market on bartlett street. street. it is the first hit -- a diverse